'BatSynch: The battery challenge at synchrotrons' workshop part of the XXVIII Users’ Meetings

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As part of XXVIII Elettra Users' Meeting the "BatSynch" Workshop took place at the Adriatico Guesthouse - ICTP in Trieste on November 29-30, 2023.
The BatSynch workshop stands for “The battery challenge at synchrotrons” and is meant to bring together scientists engaged in battery innovation and development.
The field of research on rechargeable ion batteries is rapidly expanding, driven by substantial international investments in both the scientific and industrial sectors. Researchers worldwide are dedicating significant efforts to explore and create durable, reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable materials and energy devices. Within this context, advanced analytical techniques such as X-ray imaging, spectroscopic, and diffraction offered by synchrotron facilities can provide valuable insights into morphology, chemistry, and structural characteristics that are not easily obtainable through traditional laboratory methods.
Approximately 100 participants attended the workshop in person, while around 25 joined remotely. The event featured 15 invited speakers, renowned experts in the battery field, who presented cutting-edge research findings. Among the submitted abstracts, primarily from young researchers and students, four were chosen for oral presentations, while the remaining 14 were showcased during a poster session.
BatSynch received a positive response from participants, evident in the lively scientific discussions that took place during sessions, coffee breaks, poster presentations, and the social dinner. Overall, the workshop highlighted recent achievements using synchrotron-based approaches and offered insights into future prospects, particularly concerning soft X-ray free-electron laser (FEL) beamlines.
This dissemination effort was of strategic importance for Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste, aiming to attract new users involved in ion battery research and strengthen the impact of our research infrastructure in the development of ion batteries.
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