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Cover of the comic book "Comics&Science - The Light Issue"  
and few illustrations of the story Educazione subatomica di Zerocalcare
The new issue of Comics&Science - The Light Issue – has just been published. It’s a CNR Edizioni comics series, promoting the link between science and entertainment.
This issue is entirely about Elettra and FERMI, the two Trieste-based light sources, i.e. the most advanced instruments to obtain high-quality data on micro- and nano- structure of materials. This topic, with its many references to science and technology, required an author with the ability to find a straightforward language and a story to reach out to the general public, expressing, if not the scientific contents as such, the quest for knowledge, the interest and the excitement of scientists working in these major research facilities. In this framework, Michele Rech, also known as Zerocalcare, with his great narrative skills, immediately turned out to be the right choice.

It all started out in the Summer during a visit to Elettra, organised by the Istituto di Struttura della Materia of CNR. The result was a compelling story with lots of unexpected twists and brilliant ideas, entitled “Educazione subatomica” (“Sub-atomic Education”), about the visit of Zerocalcare when he met the Synchrotron researchers. The publication, besides Zerocalcare’s comics, also includes comic strips by Davide La Rosa and Walter Leoni and lots of comments by researchers such as Andrea Lausi and Roberto Visintini from Elettra, Lorenzo Avaldi, Mattea Carmen Castrovilli and Daniele Catone from CNR.

The publication was launched on 30 October at the Festival della Scienza in Genoa and on 1 November in the Comics&Science event at Lucca Comics&Games Festival.

Where to buy:

  • CNR Bookshop:  Piazzale A. Moro 7 in Rome, by the CNR headoffice | | Phone +39 06 4993 2287
  • Order on the  CNR Edizioni website
  • by the best newsagent
  • on the fowllowing online shops: Alessandro Distribuzioni, Antani Comics


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