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Users' Meeting 2017 - Workshops and Fonda-Fasella Award

The Elettra XXV Users' Meeting took place in Trieste, at the end of 2017. The meeting featured two workshops, namely PHANGS (Photons at the Next Generation Synchrotron Facilities from Production to Delivery) and ICSUD (4th International Conference on Ultrafast Structural Dynamics) which gathered together a large number of scientists from our  international research community.


PHANGS was the first of two workshops organized for the XXV Elettra Users' Meeting with the aim of bringing together scientists to debate the perspectives and challenges for next generation storage rings, sources and photon transport optics. Special emphasis was be placed on designing solutions that can serve best the scientific community by providing brightness, coherence and variable pulse-lengths.

The workshop was organized in three sessions:

  • Next Generation Storage Rings (NGSR)
  • Insertion devices for NGSRs
  • Photon transport optics and enhanced beamline performance at NGSRs

The topics discussed during the workshop were aiming at answering the problems raised by the ongoing and planned upgrades of existing synchrotron facilities worldwide. Such upgrades add new experimental capabilities for a wide range of scientific communities from academy and industry.


ICSUD was a follow up to the conferences held at the ETH-Zurich in 2015, at the Laser Optics Berlin in 2012 and at the EPF-Lausanne in 2010. ICUSD is a platform for discussing the latest methodological, theoretical and scientific developments aimed at understanding real-time structural changes in materials science, chemistry and biology. While these various communities have their scientific rationale, they share a variety of techniques including

  • Ultrafast EUV and x-ray diffraction, scattering and spectroscopy
  • Ultrafast multidimensional vibrational and electronic spectroscopies
  • Ultrafast electron diffraction, scattering and microscopy

which all aim at visualizing the dynamics of assemblies of atoms at the atomic-scale resolution of space (the sub-Å) and time (the femtosecond). 

The conference, organized in 9 sessions and a round table, was aimed at building bridges to better connect these communities and to foster the exchange of information and expertise.

The abstract book and the detailed program of ICUSD are available here:

The annual Fonda-Fasella award ceremony was held on December 5, 2017, during the Elettra Users' Meeting. This year the winner was Dr. Christian Prehal, from the Institute of Physics, Montanuniversität Leoben (Austria), who presented the paper "Ion charge storage in supercapacitor nanopores quantified by modeling and in situ SAXS" pdf

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