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Users' Meeting 2019 - Workshops and Fonda-Fasella Award

As part of XXVII Elettra Users' Meeting, two workshops, FUSEE and CONGA, took place in December in Trieste.
The workshop FUSEE (Future of SEeded free Electron lasers) aimed at bringing together scientists to debate the perspectives and challenges for the design of the ultimate seeded free electron laser source. The large participation to the workshop (more than 100 participants from 13 countries around the world) testified the interest in the event and its success. FUSEE successfully identified the main scientific issues that should be addressed to extend the capabilities of seeded FELs and to further extend the actual photon energy range available. The rich and insightful discussion on the various options available has been a significant contribution in defining the future successful strategies worldwide.

The CONGA (Challenges and Opportunities for New Generation Accelerators-based sources: DLSR), instead, was held with the goal of debating key development issues and challenges to be met regarding design and implementation of next generation diffraction-limited synchrotron radiation (DLSR) sources with significantly increased brightness and coherent fraction of the emitted X-rays.  During the workshop, four main topics were addressed: round beams options, optics and photon transport, increased use of coherence-hungry methods and options for time-resolved measurements. Furthermore, experts in these fields presented recent achievements and prospects of the new technologies attempting to gauge the actual benefits that could be reasonably expected.

Between the two workshops, the Fonda-Fasella award ceremony was held at the presence of the prof. Luciano Fonda's children on December 10, 2019. The Fonda-Fasella prize is annually awarded to a young researcher who has obtained important results while working at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste. This year the winner was Dr. Paolo Antonio Carpeggiani (TU Wien), who presented the paper "Complete reconstruction of bound and unbound electronic wavefunctions in two-photon double ionization". The work was carried out during a beamtine in the free electron laser facility FERMI, on the LDM experimental station, at Elettra Sincrotrone Trieste.


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