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Channeltron KBL 25RS

Counters: select Pulse_counter.

Outside flange (PINS):

Left: 1 Mesh SHV --Negative voltage (~20-50 eV below the threshold)
Top: 2 Signal SHV (HV signal)---Divider box -- (BNC-SMA)--Amplifier+CFD (largest) box--PC (note Amplifier connected to CFD through a SMA cable)
                                                       Divider box -- filter--HV in (POSITIVE HIGH VOLTAGE 2.5 kV POWER SUPPLY, e.g. (Tricon or FUG-APE))

Right: 3 BIAS--->box ( partitore) (SHV BIAS TRICON power supply 2500V, always below 2700)
Bottom: 4 FRONT (grounded: tappo corto)

In general it is important that:
1) The ion gauge is OFF when the channeltron power supplies are on
3) If the XAS measurements with the channeltron have been done, always turn off the channeltron.

Turning on channeltron, follow exactly this order!:


IMPORTANT: TURN OFF the ION GAUGE OF THE MAIN (Press: “emission” on the controller)!!
  2. OUTPUT IS signal cable (backside of the Keithley 428 IS) to the BOX (channel signal OUT). This cable will be connected to the channel "user 1" of the NI card inside the hutch. Io will be connected to the channel 0. Is channel 1.
  3. MESH power supply ON, NEGATIVE Polarity, 0 kV, 0mA. Set I and V to 0. Press HV ON (red light)
  4. BIAS HV power supply ON.
  5. BOX conaining the DISCRIMINATOR (CFD) and AMPLIFIER ON 
  6. BIAS slowly increase to 2500V, monitoring the signal
  7. Check that the signal is 0-10 with the BL valve closed otherwise change the threshold (CFD)

Turning off-follow exactly this order!:


  1. SPELLMAN HV go to zero; TRICON (or FUG-APE) HV go to zero (but do not turn off them)
  2. BOX conaining the CFD and AMPLIFIER: turn off the box
  3. HV Powersupply OFF
  4. MESH Power supply OFF


CHANNELTRON SET UP (switching from MCP to channeltron)


1) accendere i 2 power supply (retro)
2) Configurare elettronica:
(a) Aprire software AD9516 eval
(b) 0 e' selezionato di default. Se hai scritto 0:
file Load setup-->caricare Divider_0
in register W/R write load
(c) select evaluation Board-->Ezspp1
file Load setup-->caricare Divider_1
in register W/R write load
3) Scambiare cavo MCP con cavo channeltron
4) regolare soglia


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