Quadstar Scan Analog

In brief

Quadstar Measure is the software confrolling the quadrupole mass spectrometer.

The menu Setup - SEM/Emission Control allows to switch on/off the filament (Emission) and the multiplier high voltage (SEM) if the pressure is sufficiently low:

Quadstar SEM/Emission Control

The most frequently used scan is started in the menu by Scan - Analog and opening the parameter file SCAF.SAP for Faraday cup detector (high pressures) or SCAC.SAP for the multiplier (low pressures):

Quadstar Open dialog

Linear or Logaritmic intensity scale can be chosen by Parameters - Setup:

Quadstar Scan Analog Setup

Scan parameter are then chosen in Parameters - Channel. The most important ones are mass range (Mass) and intensity range (Display - Disp. F.S.R.):

Quadstar Scan Analog Parameters

The scans can be saved using File - Save cycle data into .sac files. These files can be open in another software Dispsav (Open data) and Converted to ASCII .asc files that can be then imported into common spreadsheet software like Excel, Origin or Igor.

Further details

Complete software manual is available here.
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