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The third-generation Italian synchrotron radiation facility Elettra located on the outskirts of Trieste, which has been serving the national and international scientific and industrial community since 1993, has been completely revised and upgraded in 2009. Electrons circulating in the Elettra storage ring at nearly the speed of light provide high-intensity, ultra-bright radiation from the infrared to hard x-rays range when passing through different magnetic devices such as undulators, wigglers and bending magnets. The radiation beams are collected by in-vacuum optical systems and propagate through beamlines to reach experimental stations where an array of different analytical and processing techniques is available. The resulting light, ten billion times brighter than that supplied by conventional sources, enables a broad spectrum of users from academic institutions and industry to gain access to advanced research capabilities and techniques and conduct state-of-the-art experiments in physics, chemistry, biology, life sciences, environmental science, medicine, forensic science, and cultural heritage.

Elettra: the synchrotron light source


Elettra, the 2/2.4 GeV third generation Italian light source, has successfully joined the synchrotron facilities that operate fully in top-up mode.

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Elettra is proud of operating 28 beamlines that enable the most important x-ray based techniques in the areas of spectroscopy, spectro-microscopy, diffraction, scattering and lithography.

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Machine status

Current status of the  Elettra storage ring.

Beam parameters

Electron beam operating parameters of the Elettra storage ring


On the next generation -ultimate light source-Elettra 2.0

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