The research activity is focused on the electronic and magnetic properties of nanostructured surfaces and interfaces studied with variable polarization UV/X-ray spectroscopies (ARPES and Spin-resolved ARPES, 3D-Fermi Surface Tomography, XPS, XAS, XMCD, XMLD, Spin Polarization) and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/Spectroscopy.
The main research topics at APE are:
  • Electron states in anomalous metals and electron confinement (graphene, topological insulators)
  • Magnetic ordering and coupling in diluted magnetic systems (DMS, magnetic topological insulators); interfaces with ferromagnets; electronic/ magnetic properties of complex oxides (manganites) and “out of equilibrium” systems
  • Growth morphology, electron states and magnetism of hybrid organic/inorganic interfaces, charge transfer effect at the interface, doping effects on the molecular layer
  • Fundamental aspects of photoemission spectroscopy, matrix element effects, dichroism, and implementation of 3D tomography of Fermi level and deeper occupied electron states

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