ESCAmicroscopy and its users

The SPEM microscope at ESCAmicroscopy attracts a heterogeneous group of researchers affiliated with national and international research centers and universities. To date, more than 350 proposals requesting ESCAmicroscopy were submitted to the Elettra Proposal Review Panel for evaluation. So far, more than 160 proposals have been approved and carried out, and their results published in peer review international scientific journals. Users submitting a proposal for the first time are warmly invited to browse our publications list, in order to get a better focus on the typical applications of our microscope and its capabilities.

Research fields

Research takes place in fields related to surface physics and chemistry, materials science, and nanotechnology. The microscope is the ideal tool to investigate a wide range of micro and nanostructures, electrochemistry, nanocomposite matherials and catalysis addressing the so called "Material gap". For instance, our instrument is ideal for monitoring in situ dynamic processes, such as mobility of metal on a surface as a function of temperature and/or bias. Selected examples of SPEM applications can be found in our highlights and main topics section.

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