SR-FEL experiments and collaborations

The experimental activity at the Elettra SR-FEL, except for the machine physics research, is based on pump-probe schemes. Both condensed matter and gas phase experiments where performed using the coherent emission produced by the source.

Research fields

Research takes place in fields related to the the physics of accelerators, the develop of new light-sources, in particular the free-electron lasers.

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Research @ SR-FEL

The SR-FEL group has a strong interest in selected topics related to accelerator physics, in particular the physics of FEL. Past and current research has been focused on the characteristics of FEL light. The emission by variable-polarization undulators has been deeply investigated, as well as new schemes for this kind of sources. An important topic of research is devoted to new sources for the seeding process.
The group is also strongly involved in the commissioning activities of the FERMI@Elettra lightsource facility.

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