Synchrotron-based UV Resonance Raman scattering for material science

Synchrotron based UV Resonant Raman scattering for material science, Molecular and Laser Spectroscopy, Volume 2 (eds V. P. Gupta, Y. Ozaki), Elesevier (2020)

We will describe a synchrotron-based Resonance Raman instrument working in the UV spectral range that exploits the wide and continuously tunable emission of a synchrotron source. This novel spectroscopic facility can address a number of scientific fields ranging from electronic properties of nanostructures and strongly correlated materials to biological macromolecules.

Selected case studies will be discussed in order to show the potentiality of UV Resonance Raman spectroscopy giving particular emphasis to results obtained on samples of biological interest.

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B. Rossi et al., Molecular and Laser Spectroscopy, Volume 2.

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