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Insertion device

source: Figure-8 Undulator divided in 2 sections
period lenght: 140 mm
number of periods: 32
polarization: linear horizontal and vertical
minimum gap: 19 mm
energy range: 4.6 - 40 eV
photon flux: ~ 1 x 1015 ph/s/0.1% BW 1)

1) Evaluated for 5 eV photon energy through a 0.6x0.6 mrad2 pinhole, storage ring energy 2 GeV and ring current 400 mA.



Heath Load Unit  2 water cooled flat Silicon an Glidcop mirrors (Gold coated) 
Prefocusing Close to  Backscattering Reflection on Spherical Silicon Mirror
Monochromator optics: Normal Incidence Czerny-Turner Monochromator, 8 m focal length 
Focusing Unit
Spherical Mirror Al+MgF2 Coating It focalises monochromatic beam on Sample
Collection Unit
Spherical Mirror Al+MgF2 Coating It collects scattered beam from Sample
Analyzer Normal Incidence Monochromator (Czerny-Turner), 8 m focal length

Beam characteristics at sample position 

Energy Range 5 - 11 eV
Resolving Power 105 - 106
Photon Flux 1010 - 1013 photons/s
Beam Size
25 - 250 μm (square)


CCD 13.5 μm2 pixel, QE = 20% (5 - 9 eV)

Sample environment

Vacuum (on solid samples) 10-5 10-10 mbar
Thermal bath + resistive heathing system 
250 K <T<400 K
Liquid Nitrogen Cryostat T> 77 K
Pressure Cell P < 4 Kbar
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