All information on safety can be found on the intranet, under "activities", prevention and safety. We encourage users and internal staff to consult the Prevention and Safety section of Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste website, where you will find a comprehensive collection of procedures and safety instructions. You will also find instructions on how to manage an emergency, first aid numbers, as well as a dedicated page on COVID-19.


Special on COVID-19

All workers operating at the beamline must observe to the following rules:

  1. The use of respiratory protective devices such as FFP2 face masks still is an important measure for the protection of our health for the purpose of preventing infections in indoor work environments and premises shared by several employers or where it is not possible to keep a distance of one meter due to specific work activities. The use of FFP2 masks is recommended in any case in which a gathering of people occurs, even occasionally. Always carry a FFP2 mask with you. It is recommended to wear it whenever a distance of at least 1m cannot be maintained.
  2. At the beamlines, no masks should be worn as long as people occupy the marked work stations.
  3. Coordinate work in order to reduce contact times.
  4. The beamline coordinator will inform on the maximum number of persons admitted on the experimental station and in ventilated rooms. Whenever more people are needed to perform an experiment, a preliminary authorization should be obtained from the group coordinators.
  5. Masks must not be shared. Used masks and gloves must be discarded in the dedicated bins. Information on bin locations can be found here.
  6. It is mandatory for everyone inside Elettra premises to adopt all the hygiene precautions, particularly with regards to hands. In addition, sanitizing gel dispensers will continue to be provided by the SPP gel.
  7. It is recommended that quipment shared by multiple persons has to be cleaned with disinfectants before and after each use.
The beamline personnel is responsible for keeping the work station clean and tidy. The end-station has been equipped with a bottle of Meliseptol disinfectant. A disinfectant (0.1% Sodium hypochlorite solution) will be soon provided by SPP. These products must be used to clean and disinfect the control table, keyboard, mouse, trackball and all other equipment that are frequently used in experiments. Cleaning has to be done before starting a shift as well as when concluding it. It is advised to cover the keyboard with domopak to protect it by contaminations.

Employees can find FFP2 face masks freely available at the SPP department. Additional information can be found here.

Work places

A maximum presence of four people is allowed on Nanospectroscopy. The work stations have been marked with tape.Two are on the platform, a third at the data analysis desk below the platform, and one along the beamline, close to the intermediate pump section between exit slit and refocussing chamber, see the photos.

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