Prohibitions to avoid electrical problems:

  • Prohibition of tampering with electrical appliances;
  • Ban on installing or using private electrical equipment or materials;
  • Prohibition to intervene in case of breakdown, improvising electricians and, in particular, on switchboards or electrical cabinets;
  • Prohibition to cover or hide the controls and electrical panels with cabinets or other furnishings (allow their inspection and prompt intervention in case of anomalies);
  • Prohibition to remove the protection channels of the electric cables;
  • Prohibition of overloading power outlets with too many electrical users, using adapters or multiple plugs;
  • Prohibition of depositing flammable substances near the appliances;
  • Prohibition to deposit containers filled with liquids on the appliances;
  • Prohibition of exposing the appliances to excessive radiation or heat sources;
  • Prohibition of preventing the correct ventilation of the appliances by covering the ventilation openings;
  • Prohibition to touch implants and / or appliances if you have wet hands or shoes;
  • Prohibition of touching the shards of fluorescent lamps (neon) with bare hands. Any lesions are difficult to heal;
  • Prohibition of using water to extinguish fires of electrical origin.

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