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16 bit air cooled CCD camera


Very  high-resolution  digital  camera  with  a  high  NA  optic  and  air  cooled  CCD.  Camera   Quantum   Efficiency   of   45%   @   550nm   at   the   scintillator emission wavelength,  interline  transfer  air  cooled  CCD  sensor  with  typical  ∆T  of  >  55OC allowing shutter less simultaneous exposure and read out cycles, a large field of view, continuously adjustable from 13.294mm x 13.294 mm, down to 2.105 mm x 2.105  mm,  variable  data  transfer  rate  1  and  12MHz,  on-chip  up  to  8  x  8  pixel binning, sub-area readout and up to 2048 x 2048 pixel resolution (4 million pixels). Frame rate at 16-bit digitization: 2 fps unbinned.

Specification and performance:

  •  USB 2.0 output with 10m standard;
  •  Air cooling;
  •  Software  development  kit  comprising  simple-to-use  DLL  and  supporting script  command  (contains  all  the  functions  required  to  interface  with  the camera,  ie.  both  image  acquisition  and  control)  via  a  device  server  driver (Python based);
  • Mechanical  light  tight  set  up  allowing  fine  focusing  onto  the  LuAG:Ce  (5microns thickness);

 XDI-HR 2 camera system with a high NA optic and variable field of view  

  • NA 0.235 optic with 39mm working distance, large field of view continuously adjustable;
  • Diffraction limit at  550  nm:  1.427 micron,  ie 350  lp/mm  with  +/-  5.46 microns depth of field at maximum magnification. Delivers better than 2 micron resolution with 1.03 micron pixel size. Field of view matching the diffraction limit: 2.1 mm x 2.1 mm: 3mm diagonal;
  • Larger  area  available  4.7 mm  x  4.7 mm with 2.31  micron  pixel;
  • Diaphragm for adjusting camera sensitivity and depth of focus;
  • Fine focus adjustment: over 20mm length;
  • Selectable zoom ratio: continuously adjustable between pre set magnification ratios.
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