16 bit CCD

16 bit CCD camera: Photonic Science water cooled X-Ray Hystar 2048

The camera head comprises a very high resolution 2048 horizontal x 2048 vertical pixels, full frame CCD imager, which is directly bonded to a tapered fibre optic which has an input diameter of 28mm OD.
A GadOx scintillator has been deposited directly onto the front surface of this tapered fibre-optic. The scintillator thickness is optimized for X-ray energies in the range 20 to 80 keV (equivalent to a density of 30 mg/cm2).

Three optic systems are available for this CCD camera corresponding to the following parameters:

1) 3.8 µm pixel size, Gadox screen thickness ca. 10 µm (PSF of the order of 13 µm);

2) 14 µm pixel size, Gadox screen thickness ca. 20 µm (PSF of the order of 35 µm);

3) 14 µm pixel size, Gadox screen thickness ca. 40 µm (PSF of the order of 60 µm).


Technical Specifications

CCD type: 2048 x 2048 full frame CCD
Pixel size: 14 µm square
Active area of CCD: 28.67 x 28.67 mm
Coupling to scintillator Tapered fibre-optic 
Scintillator type: Gadolinium Oxysulphide
Optimum X-ray energy: 20-80 keV
Optical shielding: 10 µm Aluminium foil
Pixel frequency: 200 kHz
Digitisation depth: 16 bits
Dynamic range: Approximately 14 bits
CCD cooling: Multi-stage Peltier cooler
Cooling: Water-cooled
CCD temperature when cooled: Typical -20 °C with water at +10°C
Software-controlled functions: Gain (1x to 4x)
Integration period: ms to hours
Binning: 1x to 63x

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