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  1. Analysis of Intracellular Magnesium and Mineral Depositions during Osteogenic Commitment of 3D Cultured Saos2 Cells
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  4. Comparison of propagation-based CT using synchrotron radiation and conventional cone-beam CT for breast imaging
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  5. Could the Enrichment of a Biomaterial with Conditioned Medium or Extracellular Vesicles Modify Bone-Remodeling Kinetics during a Defect Healing? Evaluations on Rat Calvaria with Synchrotron-Based Microtomography
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  6. Deep sea explosive eruptions may be not so different from subaerial eruptions
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  10. Halloysite nanotubes/pluronic nanocomposites for waterlogged archeological wood: thermal stability and X-ray microtomography
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