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Elettra parameters

Elettra is operated 24 hours/day, 7 days/week for some weeks followed by periods of intermission mostly dedicated to maintenance. These operation periods are called "Runs". Beamtime is allocated in "shifts" of 8 hours which are divided in Morning (M) from 07:00 a.m to 15:00, Late (L) from 15:00 to 23:00 and Night (N) from 23:00 to 07:00. Some beamtime is reserved to Machine Physics studies but most of it is allocated to users for measurements activities at the beamlines.

Elettra is usually operated at two different energies 2 GeV and 2.4 GeV.

Details on:

can be found at the operating schedule link.

You can check the ring present status at the link machine status and also have a look at its operating parameters and conditions.

ODAC is the acronym of the project: Operations and Development of the Accelerators.

Operating Conditions
Energy range 0.75 – 2.5 GeV
Injection Energy All energies up to 2.5 GeV
User Operating Energy 2.0 GeV (75% of user time)
2.4 GeV (25% of user time)
1.0 GeV (SR-FEL)
Operating mode Top-up
Operating current (user request) 300 mA at 2.0 GeV (lifetime 26 h)
140 mA at 2.4 GeV (lifetime 40 h)
Top-up injection rate 1 mA every 6 min at 2.0 GeV
1 mA every 20 min at 2.4 GeV
Filling pattern Any (single, few, multi etc.); most requested multibunch filled at 95% of the ring circumference (864 ns) and hybrid ( multibunch with a single bunch in the dark gap )
Bucket size (bunch to bunch distance in multi-bunch) 2 ns
Dark gap when fill at 95% 43 ns
Operating details Long Lifetime - Instability Free
(multi-bunch and orbit fast Feedbacks and super-conducting 3rd harmonic cavity operating) Id gap/current control to the users

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