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DIffraction and PROjection Imaging


The microscopy beamline will host an experimental station for coherent DIfraction andPROjection Imaging, DIPROI, adapted for research in various domains in a single shot mode. The design and construction of DIPROI will be based on the know-how of the partners who developed the coherent diffraction station operated at FLASH. The extreme brightness and high coherence of FERMI will enable the collection of single-pulse coherent diffraction patterns providing structural information of objects before they undergo a radiation-induced degradation. The spatial and time resolution are limited by the FEL wavelength and pulse duration (10-50 fs). It is planned to implement point projection imaging using non-conventional focusing diffractive optics for illuminating the object. The magnified projection image geometry provides information not usually available in the far-field diffraction geometry, which greatly improves the iterative inversion of the diffraction hologram.

altTime-resolved diffraction imaging using split FEL pulses with adjustable delay or short-pulse optical laser pump will be used for pump-probe experiments to study transient phenomena occurring at fs to ps time scales. Stereo imaging by splitting the pulse and simultaneously hitting object from two directions and submicrometer focusing will be developed as well. The research fields will cover structural studies of non-periodic objects, such as nano-particles, biomolecules, inhomogeneities and defects in organic films, lateral organization of self-assembled bio-monolayers, shock wave propagation in very thin films or surface regions of bulk materials etc. 



Maya Kiskinova 
Head of Microscopy 
+39 040 3758549 
maya.kiskinova (.) elettra.trieste.it 

Henry Chapman 
CFEL/DESY Collaborator 
+49 40 89984155 
henry.chapman (.) cfel.de 

Janos Hajdu 
Uppsala University Collaborator 
+46 18 4714449 
janos (.) xray.bmc.uu.se 

Hans Hertz 
KTH Stockholm Collaborator 
+46 08 55378123 
hans.hertz (.) biox.kth.se 


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