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Towards jitter-free time-resolved FEL-IR experiments

Synchronization of FELs and external IR lasers opens the possibility to investigate ultrafast electron dynamics. The seeded scheme of FERMI allows to couple FEL and IR laser pulses with an unprecedented time jitter as low as 6 fs on the sample.

Danailov et al., Optics Express 22, 12869 (2014).

FEL-induced variation of IR reflectivity

Impinging with an infrared pulse with controlled delay after a FEL pump pulse allows to investigate the electron dynamics through the measurement of variations in IR reflectivity.

The different behavior of several kinds of solid samples have been tested, using a 100 fs FEL pulse as a pump, followed by a 150 fs IR probe, obtained splitting the same laser pulse used to seed the FEL process.

FEL pump and IR probe are naturally synchronized, coming from the same seed pulse: the only gitter between the two sources, due only to mechanical instability in the beam propagation setups, is estimated around 15 fs.

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Towards jitter-free pump-probe measurements at seeded free electron laser facilities.

Danailov et al.

Optics Express 22, 12869 (2014).

DOI: 10.1364/OE.22.012869

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