Sorting CDI movie frames

One of the main goals of CDI is to create single shot images of identical objects, captured at different times during an undergoing transformation. These "frames" must be sorted in the right order to obtain the "movie" of the dynamic process.

Yoon et al., Optics Express 22, 8085 (2014).

Sorting CDI frames of a galloping horse movie

Like Muybridge did with a live galloping horse in 1878, we took 30 images of a micrometric horse at gallop: the frames of the animal in different positions of its run where produced by FIB and irradiated by a single FEL pulse to acquire a diffraction pattern on the CCD detector.

Each sample was destroyed during the experiment, but the pulse-target interaction was shorter than the explosion's time scale, so that the 30 frames could be reconstructed through an iterative phase retrieval algorithm.

The images where then successfully sorted by the Isomap manifold-embedding algorithm. The experiment has therefore fully recovered a movie of the galloping horse.

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Conformation sequence recovery of a non-periodic object from a diffraction-before-destruction experiment.

C.H. Yoon, M. Barthelmess, R. Bean, F. Capotondi, R. Kirian, M. Kiskinova, E. Pedersoli, L. Raimondi, F. Stellato, F. Wang, H.N. Chapman.

Optics Express 22, 8085 (2014).

DOI: 10.1364/OE.22.008085

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