Scientific case

The EIS-TIMEX end-station is conceived for time resolved (t<100 fs) spectroscopies using the pump-probe approach. The FEL pulse can be combine with a fs-laser pulse (SLU) obtaining these possible operating modes: SLU/pump-FEL/probe, FEL/pump-SLU/probe, FEL/pump-FEL/probe.

The scientific case of the beamline regards the study of the ultrafast interaction of light with condensed matter. It can be summarized in 4 main research fields:

  1. High energy density states of matter
  2. Condensed matter out of equilibrium and possible resulting chemical reactions 
  3. Short living metastable states of matter (polymorphism)
  4. Ultrafast light induced phenomena, including nonlinear phenomena and functional materials 



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