Instrument description

The UHV experimental chamber (mu-metal shielded) is equipped with a large variety of instruments, located on the same measurement plane. The main chamber is pumped by turbo-molecular, ion and titanium sublimation pumps with a residual background pressure in the 10-11 mbar range. The apparatus is equipped with Low Energy Electron Diffraction optics, a residual gas analyzer for Temperature Programmed Desorption measurements, and two x-ray sources for core level photoemission and X-ray Photoelectron Diffraction experiments. The Mg Kα x-ray source (hν=1253.6 eV − ΔE=0.9 eV) and the monochromatic Al Kα source (hν=1486.6 eV − ΔE=0.4 eV) are used in combination with the hemispherical electron energy analyzer (mean radius 150 mm).


A supersonic molecular beam is also available. A five-degree-of-freedom VG Omniax manipulator (three translational axes, polar and azimuthal rotations) is mounted eccentrically on a large differentially pumped rotary flange, so that different instruments, mounted on the radially distributed flanges along the circular chamber perimeter, can be reached. The movement system, the instrument controls and the data acquisition are fully computer driven by custom Labview software.
The sample, which can be introduced in the chamber by means of a fast entry lock system, can be cooled down to 90 K using liquid nitrogen and heated up to 1500 K by means of electron bombardment or resistive heating.

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