NanoInnovationLAB Collaborations

Prof. Laura Ballerini, Life Science Department, B.R.A.I.N., University of Trieste
Prof. Marcella Bonchio, ITM CNR and Chemistry Department, University of Padova
Dr. Liljana Fruk, DFG Center for Functional Nanostructures, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie
Prof. Alessandro Laio , Statistical and Biological Physics, SISSA
Prof. Giuseppe Legname, Neurobiology sector, SISSA
LILIT - Laboratory for Interdisciplinary Lithography

Prof. Cristian Micheletti, Statistical and Biological Physics, SISSA
Prof. Alberto Morgante, IOM CNR Laboratorio TASC and Department of Physics, University of Trieste,
Prof. Silvia Onesti, Elettra - Sincrotrone Trieste
Prof. Maurizio Prato, Pharmaceutical Sciences Department, University of Trieste
Dr. Denis Scaini,  Life Science Department, University of Trieste
Prof. Giacinto Scoles,  Department of Biological and Medical Science, University of Udine
Prof. Alessandro Vindigni,  Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Saint Louis University School of Medicine


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