Crystals measurements Station

This station it equiped with XRD glass tube fine focus with a Cu target. It is mainly used for measuring the orientation of crystals to be used in X-ray monochromators.
Its main source is a Cu target, but Mo, W and Ag targets are also available.


The setup is as follows:
X-ray source, Si (111) monochromator, slits, Sample Crystal ( mounted on a precision goniometer), slits, detector. The goniometer error is measured by a Lae 500 autocollimator.


          Fig 1: Schematic Tube station

The crystal samples are characterized by 1) measuring the crystal cut orientation and 2) measuring their deformation by mapping the rocking curve around the crystal surface.


                                           Fig 2: The acquisition program


  Fig 3: Collimator A500                                              Fig 4: X-Ray Tube & Crystal 111


  Fig 5: Sample Crystal & Detector                             Fig 6: Sample Crystal


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