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Instrument description

  • Two chemical fume hoods;

  • UV-VIS spectrometer Permin Elmer Lamba 35 (200-1100 nm);

  • FT-IR spectrometer Bruker Tensor 27 (6000-350cm-1);

  • Rotavapor Buchi R 210 with heating bath B-491;

  • Analytical balance Gibertini Crystal;

  • UV lamp VL-6-C with box CN-6;

  • Fridge and freezer;

  • Temperature programmable oven MM Group Ecocell 55, with dedicated vacuum/inert gas system connected to an internal removable chamber;

  • Ultrasound bath Elma S40H Elmasonic;

  • HPLC system Waters LC Module I Plus equipped with a UV-VIS detector;

  • pHmeter Hanna Instrument HI8424;

  • Solar simulator Newport 96000 with AM 1.5G spectral filter;

  • Physical Vapor Deposition apparatus, with double crucible;

  • Water deionization system Millipore Elix 5 MilliRO;

  • Keythley 2400 Sourcemeter;
  • Spin-coater;
  • Customized dip-coater;
  • 450-1100 nm fluorimeter equipped with optical fibers.

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