Spin Polarized Research Instrument in the Nanoscale and Time Laboratory

laserSPRINT (Spin Polarized Research Instrument in the Nanoscale and Time Laboratory) is an High Harmonics Generation laboratory for spin and time resolved photoemission spectroscopy.
This new endstation is addressed at the study of ultrafast magnetic processes in solid state physics by means of an upgraded vectorial Mott detector and a hemispherical electron analyser, suited to perform narrowband time-resolved valence band photoemission spectroscopy and spin detection.
SPRINT is equipped with two laser sources (PHAROS) with a common oscillator, both emitting pulses at 1030 nm, with time duration of 300 fs, variable repetition rate from 50 kHz up to 1 MHz, pulse energy of 400 µJ and average power up to 20 W. These lasers are at the heart of the new HHG-based beamline.
SPRINT facility was developed within NFFA projects, coordinated by CNR-IOM, in collaboration with T-­Rex (Elettra-­ST).

For more information and technical specifications, visit SPRINT webpage at CNR-IOM website.

The facility is open to external users thanks to NFFA-Trieste and NFFA-Europe projects, here are the offered SPRINT techniques on the related catalogues:
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