Instrument description

Machine Workshop

It allows precision mechanical works, TIG-welding and micro-brazing on relatively
small objects like, for example, sample holders.

Available equipment

- Vertical drill for making precision holes:
- TIG-welder:
- Welder - Hydrogen welder for brazing:
- Lathe for small and medium jobs and fine mechanics:
- Milling machines:
- Metal band saw:
- Spark Erosion Machine:
- Grinding wheel:
- - Helium leak detector:
- Micro drilling machine:
- Gauge Block Sets, Metric, Ins. Cert., ISO (ACCREDIA certification) :
- Precision arbor press:

Chemical Laboratory and Sample Preparation

The chemistry laboratory is equipped to perform chemical reactions, distillations and treatments when needed. In addition single crystal samples, both metals and semiconductors, can be cut, oriented, polished and annealed.

Available equipment

- Two chemical fume hoods and several acids for chemical etching:
- Analytical and technical balances: - Magnetic stirrers:
- Membrane vacuum pump
- pH meter: - Ultrasound bath:
- Laboratory furnace (up to 1100 °C): - Glove box
- Metallographic polishing machines (disk diameter 200 mm): - Microscopes:
- LAUE diffractometer for sample orientation (in the X-ray optical laboratory): - HeNe laser system for sample alignment: - Bio-imaging analyzer: - Precision sectioning saw: - Hydrogen furnace for sample cleaning and annealing (up to 1100 °C): - Automatic micropipettes:
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