Synchrotron light sources in the world

Synchrotron light sources in Europe

icon flags/es ALBA, Barcelona
icon flags/de ANKA, Karlsruhe
icon flags/de BESSY II, Berlin
icon flags/it DAFNE, Frascati
icon flags/de DELTA, Dortmund University
icon flags/de DESY, Hamburg
icon flags/gb Diamond, Oxfordshire
icon flags/it Elettra, Trieste
icon flags/de ELSA, Bonn University
icon flags/fr ESRF, Grenoble
icon flags/dk ISA, University of Aarhus
icon flags/fr LURE, Orsay
icon flags/se MAX-Lab, Lund University
icon flags/ch SLS, Villigen
icon flags/fr SOLEIL, Centre Universitaire Paris-Sud

Find the best beamline for your experiments at European Synchrotrons via the wayforlight portal.

Other synchrotron light sources in the world

icon flags/au Australian Synchrotron, Melbourne
icon flags/us ALS, Berkeley, CA
icon flags/us APS, Argonne, IL
icon flags/cn BSRF, Beijing, China
icon flags/us CAMD, Baton Rouge, LA
icon flags/us CHESS, Cornell, Ithaca, NY
icon flags/ca CLS, Canadian Light Source
icon flags/us DUKE, Duke University, Durham, NC
icon flags/in INDUS-1 and -2, Indore
icon flags/br LNLS, Campinas, São Paulo
icon flags/us NSLS, Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY
icon flags/cn NSRL, National Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, China
icon flags/jp KEK, Photon Factory, Tsukuba, Ibaraki
icon flags/kr PAL, Pohang Accelerator Laboratory
icon flags/jp Spring-8, JAERI-RIKEN
icon flags/tw SRRC, Hsinchu Science-Based Industrial Park, Taiwan, Republic of China
icon flags/us SSRL, Stanford, CA
icon flags/us SURF II, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD
icon flags/us SRC, University Of Winsconsin - Madison, WI
icon flags/jp UVSOR, Ultraviolet Synchrotron Orbital Radiation

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