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Fri 19 Jan, at 08:50 - Seminar Room T2

Elettra High Pressure Meeting

Elettra High Pressure Meeting


Friday, January 19, 2001
Seminar Room, ground floor, Building "T"
Sincrotrone Trieste, Basovizza
ELETTRA High Pressure Meeting

8:50 E. Busetto Elettra,welcome

9:00 S. Baroni SISSA, Trieste , Pressure-induced amorphization in silica

9:30 B. Winkler Uni Kiel, Computational Crystallography

10:00 L. Ulivi CNR, Firenze, Low temperature crystal phases and EOS of Oxygen up to 40 GPa

10:30 coffee break

11:00 S. Poli Phase Relationships in the Deep Earth: Recent Developments and Perspectives

11:30 A. Pavese Univ. di Milano, HP and HT Measurements for Earth Sciences

12:00 D. Levy Univ. di Torino, High Pressure examples in Material Science

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Visit to ELETTRA

15:30 A. Sani ESRF, Science at high pressure: last news from ID9 of ESRF

16:00 A. Lausi Elettra, HP opportunities at ELETTRA

16:20 E. Di Fabrizio INFM,Short presentation on zone plates working in the hard x ray region above 20 keV

16:40 Round Table (chair: E. Busetto)

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