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Wed 11 Apr, at 14:00 - Seminar Room T2

Alessandra Lanzara

Alessandra Lanzara


Wednesday, April 11, 2001, 14:00
Seminar Room, ground floor, Building "T"
Sincrotrone Trieste, Basovizza
Strong Electron-Phonon coupling in High Temperature Superconductors.

Alessandra Lanzara
(Department of Physics and Applied Physics, Stanford University and Advanced Light Source, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.) ABSTRACT We report high-resolution angle resolved photoemission data on different families of high temperature superconductors, as a function of momentum, doping and temperature. An abrupt change in the electronic quasiparticle dispersion and in the Im_(k,_) at the frequency _0 =(5515) meV has been observed. The existence of this energy scale is ubiquitous in p- and n-type cuprates and persists well above Tc. This behavior indicates the presence of a strong electron-phonon coupling, likely to be very important for the physical properties and pairing mechanism high temperature superconductors.

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