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Wed 8 Jun, at 14:00 - Seminar Room T2

MCE testbed

Fabio Asnicar



The Multipurpose Cooperative Environment (MCE) is a groupware portal application which will provide general purpose services to control remote instrumentation, manage experimental activity and allows the implementation of the different testbed applications through extension, customization and integration with application specific services. As a result of the state of the art and requirements analysis [D5.1], we decided to adopt the GridSphere portal toolkit [] as the basis to implement the MCE.


We have planed the implementation of a prototype by Sept 2005. The goal is to implement the following core functionalities:
  • Authentication
  • Management of Virtual Organizations
  • Management of the users and instrument resources
  • Monitor of the instrument status
  • Job and execution flow control
  • Simple groupware and communication functions
In order to do this it is necessary to collect, to clarify and to organize our ideas about:


WP5 Implementation plan
HCILab UserStory


VRVS appointment in Duino Virtual Room that belongs to GridCC community


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