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Wed 23 Nov, at 10:30 - Seminar Room MM

Spin Resolved Photoemission with an Electron Time-of-Flight Spin Analyser

C.M. Cacho
Spin Polarised Spectroscopy Group, CCLRC Daresbury Laboratory

Driven by the fundamental need to measure photoelectron spin polarisation from very low density samples, the gas phase community has been developing the spin resolved electron Time-of-Flight technique over the past ten years. The intrinsic requirement of this instrumentation is to operate with short duration photon pulse sources such as Synchrotron Radiation source, tabletop Laser source or Free Electron Laser source. The combination of a spin resolved electron Time-of-Flight analyser with a fs-laser is well suited to the exploration of spin resolved non-linear effects at very low photon energy. In this talk the newly built electron ToF-Spin analyser developed at Daresbury Laboratory will be presented in detail. Its performance at high kinetic energy will be illustrated by some spin integrated Auger data obtained in single bunch mode of the synchrotron. Furthermore, recent spin resolved two photon photoemission measurements carried out on a ferromagnetic amorphous iron-boron ribbon excited by a fs-laser source will be presented.

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