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Mon 22 May, at 15:15 - Seminar Room T2

Stability and feedback issues for the LCLS: Experience at the SPPS

Patrick Krejcik
Stanford Linear Accelerator Center - LCLS Project

Fourth generation light sources such as the LCLS face the challenge of measuring and stabilizing the bunches at the femtosecond time scale. At SLAC we have had the opportunity to configure the linac for short bunch operation and test new timing and bunch length measurements. The Sub-Picosecond Pulse Source (SPPS) used a new bunch compressor chicane in the linac to produce 80 fs bunches in a test beam line equipped with an undulator for 1.5 Angstom spontaneous radiation. Diagnostic systems tested with short bunches include the RF transverse deflecting radiation detectors for single shot monitoring and feedback control. Results from these measurements will be presented together with characterization of the jitter in the SLAC linac.

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