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Fri 7 Jul, at 11:00 - Seminar Room T2

A Vlasov solver for longitudinal dynamics in single-pass systems

Marco Venturini

At present direct numerical methods for solving the Vlasov equation in a 6D phase space for problems of beam dynamics are still impractical. However, in a lower dimension phase space these methods can become attractive and offer some advantages over macroparticle simulations, as they do not suffer from the numerical noise inherent in using a number of macroparticle smaller than the bunch population. This advantage can be decisive when the evolution of the beam dynamics is sensitive to the presence of charge density fluctuations. In this talk I\'ll present a 2D Vlasov solver for studying the longitudinal beam dynamics in single-pass systems of interest for X-FEL\'s, where characterization of the microbunching instability is of particular relevance. I\'ll show comparisons with linear theory, when this applies, and some preliminary applications to the FERMI linac-bunch/compressors system.

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