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Mon 9 Oct, at 14:30 - 53 room

TMB meeting

Participants: Roberto, Gaetano, Costas, Francesco, Marko, Janusz, Milan, Laura, Franco, Mary, Steve, David, Shlomit, Peter Hobson, Luca Caviglione Deliverables: D4.4 delayed with explanation to the reviewers D2.5, D3.5 ready but without all the steps of the quality procedure D6.3 ready but without inclusion of the integration plan Gaetano defines the following procedure. Deadline for modifiactions is monday midnight. Modifications will be accompanied by and email to the reviewers to alert them of the change. Testbed: wmproxy is now ready Demo: Marko and Janusz are involved with costas in developments to integrate the AS in a secure way using a plugin architecture which is more elegant than defining a new facade for each service. Roberto is ansious because the OneBM workflow and the orbitFB with the wmproxy are still missing. We agreed on a deadline for Tuesday afternoon for the oneBM workflow and on thursday afternoon for the wmproxy. Friday we have to test the whole demo on the real field. If the wmproxy workflow will be not ready for thursday it wont be presented at the demo. :-( Release plan: We are still alcking most of the contribbutions. Fabio will send out an email with the status. Keep in mind that this is a release plan not the tecnical annex and has to do with software. At least the modules marked as DONE should be in the CVS with the same name. focus is to have a coherent situation for at least PM24 and PM26. Deadline is set to wendsay afternoon for the contributions to the release plan. Integration plan: will be presented as a separate document but we will also try to include in D6.3 accordin to the procedure stated above. Software quality procedure: By monday evening Roberto will circulate the proposal for the quality procedure which is a result of a research on what is going on in similar EU projects and the consideration that aur resource are much more limited. Planning the AR: Most of the people will be in Brussels on Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon there will be a reharsal of the presentation.

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