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Mon 23 Oct, at 14:30 - 53 room

TMB meeting

Participants: Roberto Laura Milan Mary Gaetano David Tatiana Costas Peter Hobson Luca Caviglione Minutes: Deliverables> Tatiana will circulate a list with the status of the deliverables underlining the next deadlines Gaetano had a phone call with Maria. She says that the reviewers think that now the weak point o f the project is the wfms. They suggest to think about possible backup solutions. Conferences> there will be a partecipation in the SC\'06 and IST\'06 events. In the Sc\'06 we will be hosted both by INFN and Uk e-Science stand. A new video for the remote operation will be prepared. In the IST\'06 a demo will be possibly hosted in the EGEE stand. Workflow: a specific meeting is planned (David will check) for Thu 26th Oct 11:00 - 12:30 iT time Data mover: a specific meeting is planned for Fri 27th Oct 11:00 - 12:30 IT time Security: a specific meeting is planned for Mon 30th Oct 14:30 - 16:00 IT time during the next TMB meeting Qos: a specific meeting will be plannned during the next TMB meeting Release plan: we all agree that should be improved to act not just as a dcument for reviewers but as a reference for all the developments efforts. David proposes to dedicate a slot of each TMB to update release and integration plan. All agree. Costas ask to inform him of any achievements related to the integration plan. All agree. David proposes to transfer release and integration plan on the GRIDCC wiki. This will help keep it updated. All agree.

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