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Tue 14 Nov, at 14:00 - Seminar Room T2

General Status of the FERMI @ Elettra project

Carlo J. Bocchetta
Sincrotrone Trieste

A general description and status of the FERMI@Elettra Free Electron Laser (FEL) project will be presented. The project complements ELETTRA and will be the first facility to be based on seeded harmonic cascade FELs. Seeded FELs provide high peak power pulses, with controlled temporal duration of the coherent output allowing tailored VUV to X-ray output for time domain explorations with short pulses of 100 fs or less and high resolution with output bandwidths of the order of meV. The new facility will use the existing S-band linac upgraded in energy and stability. The FELs will be driven by an electron beam from a new high-brightness RF photocathode gun and will provide tunable output over a range from ~100 nm to ~10 nm. The APPLE undulator radiators will allow control of photon polarization. Initially, two FEL cascades are planned providing spatially and temporally coherent output in the GW range. FEL-1 will be based on single-stage harmonic generation to operate from ~100 to ~40 nm providing stable high peak power and FEL-2 a two-stage cascade operating from ~40 to ~10 nm or shorter wavelength for narrow bandwidth output.

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