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Mon 25 Oct, at 15:00 - Seminar Room T2

X-ray computed microtomography at SYRMEP

Diego Dreossi
Sincrotrone Trieste

X-ray computed tomography (CT) is considered one of the most promising non destructive technique for the visualization of the objects 3D structure. Thanks to the availability of third generation synchrotron facilities and the great advance in technology on table top setups, it is now possible to reconstruct volumes of the samples at the micron scale (microCT) or even less. The micro-structural information obtained is useful in several research fields from biology to geology, from the material engineering to archaeology, from medicine to food science. At the SYRMEP beamline there are two end-stations equipped for microCT (plus one for medical applications) using white and monochromatic beam respectively. There is also a complementary x-ray tomography laboratory (TomoLab) based on a commercial micro-focus source able to extend the energy range up to 130 kV. Different setups are available for the best balancing on the imaging requirements (spatial and contrast resolution, field of view), sample characteristics and experimental conditions. An infrastructure, both software and hardware, handles the raw data for the online preprocessing and the offline data analysis. Specific procedures have been developed to extract quantitative results from the reconstruct 3D dataset.

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