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Thu 1 Dec, at 14:15 - Seminar Room T2

XAFS at Elettra: recent achievements and future projects

Giuliana Aquilanti
Sincrotrone Trieste S.C.p.A

X-ray absorption spectroscopy is a powerful structural technique to investigate the short-range environment around selected atomic species in condensed matter. Over the last four decades this technique has progressed from being only suitable for specialists to become a mature x-ray technique, with a wide range of applications across many scientific disciplines. XAFS at Elettra is the beamline dedicated to x-ray absorption spectroscopy in the hard x-rays range. It is installed on a bending magnet source and it has been opened to users since 2004. It was designed to cover a wide energy range: from 2.4 to 27 keV meeting the needs of a large number of researchers in the area of conventional x-ray absorption spectroscopy. For this reason the research activity at the XAFS beamline is quite diverse. In this presentation, after a description of the beamline and of its performances, we highlight some recent scientific results. We show the new capabilities in terms of sample environment along the in-house research program. Finally, we discuss about the long term projects and the opportunities that these may offer to the XAFS beamline at Elettra and to the XAFS community.

(Referer: S. Lizzit)
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