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Wed 4 Apr, at 09:30 - Seminar Room T2

CSIRO Software for Advanced X-Ray Image Processing and CT (XLI / X-TRACT).

Tim Gureyev
CSIRO (Australia)

I will describe the software tools that we have developed for X-ray image processing, analysis, reconstruction and simulation. The software implementation includes parallel codes that can run on multiple CPUs, GPUs, computer clusters with multi-core nodes equipped with multiple GPUs, and in cloud environment, with integrated tools for simple interactive remote submission and execution of cluster and cloud jobs. The software is capable of quantitative analysis and simulation of phase-contrast X-ray imaging and CT, among other things. I will present some recent test results obtained with our software at large GPU-equipped clusters installed at CSIRO and at the Australian Synchrotron, as well as the first results for an Azure cloud implementation.

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