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Thu 8 Nov, at 14:30 - Seminar Room T2

APE beamline

Piero Torelli
CNR-IOM, TASC Laboratory, Trieste

The APE (Advance Photoelectric Effect experiments) beamline (IOM-CNR) started its operation in 2003. It was designed with the specific target of matching the characteristics of a surface science laboratory with a fully optimized synchrotron radiation source, resulting in a facility for advanced experiments on solid surfaces and nanostructured matter. It is composed of two fully independent branches with polarization control in both linear and circular mode obtained by the use of chicane undulators. The LE (Low Energy, 8-90 eV) branch is mainly dedicated to high resolution angularly resolved photoemission and Fermi surface mapping. The HE (High Energy 150-1500eV) branch is, on the other hand, dedicated to the qualitative and quantitative analysis concerning sample composition (core level photoemission), its magnetic properties (x-ray magnetic circular dichroism (XMCD)) and spin polarization. The two end stations are connected via UHV sample transfer system, as well as to the sample preparation chamber equipped with the scanning tunneling microscope that operates with atomic resolution. The talk will present our recent activities and future prospects.

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