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Thu 31 Jan, at 15:00 - Training Room

High throughput crystallography: the XRD1 case

Giorgio Bais
Elettra-Sincrotrone Trieste SCpA

Although the X-Ray Diffraction 1 (XRD1) beamline has been designed primarily for macromolecular crystallography, the characteristics of the beamline permit to perform a wide variety of experiments (single crystal, small molecules, powder diffraction, grazing incidence, high pressure physics). Driven by the demand for high throughput methods in protein crystallography, a high level of automation has been implemented at the beamline. The substantial upgrade in hardware, software and access policies gives the possibility to meet the needs of different scientific communities and industry. In this seminar the various upgrades are shown along with an application case on the study of polymorphism in active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and formulations for process control and quality assurance.

(Referer: E. Cantori)
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