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Mon 14 Oct, at 14:30 - Seminar Room T2

SAXS and CT Experiments in Sub-millisecond Range at SPring-8.

Naoto Yagi

Progress in the CMOS technology has already changed sensors in digital cameras and mobile phones worldwide. The same technology has also made a great impact on synchrotron radiation experiments. A high-speed CMOS camera from Photron reached a frame rate of 12,500 per second with 1M pixels. A low-cost CMOS camera from Hamamatsu with 4M pixels has a frame rate of 100 per second and its noise is lower than most CCDs. With these cameras, image acquisition at a sub-millisecond range is a whole lot easier. High-speed SAXS experiments on protein solution and insect muscle will be presented. A high-speed CT system is also described.

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