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Thu 17 Oct, at 14:30 - Seminar Room T2

Femtosecond-electron microscopy of solids and nanostructures.

Luca Piazza
EPFL -Lausanne

The ultrafast electron microscope is a powerful tool capable of improving the time resolution of a conventional transmission electron microscope by more than 9 orders of magnitude. This extends to the temporal domain most of the conventional microscopy techniques and enables the study of the ultrafast dynamics of photoinduced phenomena in seveal area of research, from material science to condensed matter physics, biophysics and nanophotonics. I will present the system installed in the LUMES laboratory at EPFL, describing the main concepts of the instrument, give a brief overview of the technical implementation and introduce the photo induced near-field electron microscopy, a novel technique we used to characterise our microscope. Furthermore, I will present some results of time-resolved measurements on a bilayer manganite crystal that presents temperature-dependent charge ordering phenomena along with a direct observation of plasmon polaritons standing wave on silver nanowires.

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