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Tue 12 Nov, at 10:30 - Seminar Room T2

Measurements and simulations of wakefields for the CLIC RF accelerating structure.

Giovanni De Michele
PSI-EPFL-CERN, Switzerland

One of the most important objectives of the CLIC (Compact LInear Collider) study is to demonstrate the designed accelerating gradient of 100 MV/m in a fully featured accelerating structure under nominal operating conditions including pulse length and breakdown rate. CLIC accelerating structures must fulfill a complex set of demanding performance criteria which are strongly coupled to one another in order to arrive at a high performance and cost-effective linear collider design. Among different requirements, the structure also foresees strong long-range wakefield suppression in order to transport the long bunch trains needed for efficiency. This seminar will focus on EM characterization of damping materials and RF simulations of wakefields with damping features of the CLIC RF accelerating structure. Furthermore the status of direct wakefield measurements will be presented.

(Referer: A. Fabris)
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