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Thu 19 Jun, at 11:30 - Seminar Room T2

The ArTOF: From Principles to Applications

Torsten Leitner
Uppsala-Berlin joint Laboratory and Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, Uppsala Universitet, Sweden

The ArTOF (angular resolved time-of-flight) is a novel type of angular resolved photoelectron spectrometer. It is based on the combination of time-of-flight electron energy measurement and an electrostatic lens system and offers high energy and angular resolution at an angular acceptance of up to ±30°, resulting in an up to 500 times increased information rate compared to standard hemispherical analysers. The functional principle of the ArTOF and on-going instrument developments are shown along with recent measurements on solid state samples demonstrating the performance of this electron spectrometer. Furthermore the new Coincidence-ESCA (CoESCA) station, currently under construction at the synchrotron BESSY II in Berlin is briefly introduced. This station, designed for electron-electron coincidence measurements will be equipped with two ArTOF spectrometers, utilising the high information rate of this instrument together with its high energy and angular resolution capabilities.

(Referer: M. Coreno)
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