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Wed 18 Jun, at 16:30 - Seminar Room T2

Photon Beamlines for FLASH2

Marion Kuhlmann
DESY, Hamburg, Germany

FLASH2 is a major extension to the soft X-ray free-electron laser FLASH at DESY. An additional variable-gap undulator line in a new separate tunnel and a new experimental hall will turn FLASH into a multi-beamline FEL user facility. FLASH2 aims for a large wavelength range with fundamental wavelengths from 40 nm and longer down in the water window (4.36 - 2.38 nm). The shor wavelengths, while of high interest to the users, are challenging from the instrumentation point of view, while at long wavelengths the photon beams suffer from high divergence. The presentation will discuss the requirements and options of the photon diagnostics and the optical elements for FLASH2. Addressed are ongoing and future co-operations of the photon diagnostic teams from FLASH and Fermi.

(Referer: M. Zangrando)
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