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Mon 22 Sep, at 12:00 - Seminar Room T2

Accelerator and FEL R&D at SLAC

Robert Hettel
SLAC, Accelerator Directorate

SLAC is home to the SPEAR3 storage and LCLS FEL light sources as well as to a division devoted to R&D related to a broad spectrum of both near-term and far-term future accelerator technologies. These include advanced acceleration technique development using beam-driven plasma wakefields, laser-driven dielectric structures, laser-electron manipulation and seeding methods for FEL and THz applications, beam physics and design studies for future high energy colliders, storage ring light sources and the LCLS-II FEL faciltiy, ultrafast electron diffraction and microscopy and a program of novel and high efficiency RF source and structure development. R&D is conducted in the FACET, NLCTA, ASTA and End Station Test Beam facilities, as well as on the LCLS and SPEAR3 machines themselves. An overview of these activities will be presented.

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