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Thu 29 Oct, at 14:00 - Seminar Room T2

In-situ microscopy of molecular assembly and 2D materials

Abdullah Al-Mahboob
Department of Physics, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK

Nanomaterials for energy and electronic applications draw significant attention of multidisciplinary research. The advantages of these materials are believed to hold the potential for higher process efficiencies and lower device manufacturing costs. However the device performance and efficiencies, in practice, are determined by the properties of surface/interface and structure of the films/surfaces. While the control on fabrication of films having targeted functional structures, remains a challenge. Here, I shall present some results obtain from our PEEM/LEEM investigation of 2D nanomaterials complemented by STM and DFT calculations. In the first part of my presentation, I shall focus on the role of molecular symmetry/anisotropy and interface energetics in nucleation, growth and phase transition in films made of organic molecular materials with specific examples of metal-phthalocyanines and pentacene. In the second part of my presentation I shall outline some of findings from our study of catalysis, C60 to graphene and MoS2 and ongoing study as well.

(Referer: A. Barinov)
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